The Voice: PK's Monthly Newsletter

February 2019

Dear members and friends of VP, January proved to be a very exciting month at VP because I believe God was at work to help us build a healthier ministry. It has been my desire, along with the Christian Education Committee and parents of our youth for the last several years … Read more

January 2019

Dear members and friends of VP, The beginning of a New Year, 2019, has arrived. Resolutions are typically considered of value if they are healthy and achievable. It is true that most people fail to keep resolutions. But is also true that without resolutions we accomplish very little. The definition … Read more

December 2018

Dear members and friends of VP, December is the month for remembering why Jesus was born. On December 25th we celebrate the most significant event in history as Jesus entered the world as a human being committed to healing creation. Understanding “why” Jesus was born involves understanding the desperate nature … Read more

November 2018

Dear members and friends of VP, My thoughts are on expressions of gratitude for the month of November. This is related to November being the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving. Many people enjoy spending time with family and friends and eating too much food. But there are other things to … Read more

October 2018

Dear Members and Friends of VP, For the first time in years we have launched Home Groups for the members and friends of Valley Park. I am hoping the Home Groups will also be a place where we can invite people who do not know Christ or do not have … Read more

September 2018

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, We have worked through I Corinthians 12 the last month and noted that there are three primary ministries of the Holy Spirit: Helping us understand who Jesus is so that we can embrace Him as Lord of our lives. Immersing us (symbolized by … Read more